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WCF har nu uppdaterat sina bestämmelser för vilka internationella mästerskap de kräver eventuella dispenser. Här presenteras WCF:s utskick:

International-Level & National-Level Athletes requesting TUEs

There are specific requirements for when an athlete needs to apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) depending on their competition level.  

In accordance with the WCF Anti-Doping Rules, the following Athletes shall be considered to be International-Level Athletes for purposes of these Anti-Doping Rules, and therefore the specific provisions in these Anti-Doping Rules applicable to International-Level Athletes (as regards Testing but also as regards TUEs, whereabouts information, results management, and appeals) shall apply to such Athletes: 

Athletes who compete in any of the following International Events:

  1. World Men’s Curling Championship
  2. World Women’s Curling Championship
  3. World Junior Curling Championships
  4. World Wheelchair Curling Championships
  5. World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships
  6. European Curling Championships
  7. Pacific-Asia Curling Championships
  8. Americas Challenge

The following Events organized by the WCF are not considered International Events for the purposes of these rules:

  1. World Senior Curling Championships 
  2. World Junior `B` Curling Championships
  3. World Wheelchair Curling Qualifiers
  4. World Mixed Championships 

TUEs for International-Level Athletes are administered by the World Curling Federation. TUEs for National-Level Athletes are overseen by National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO).  

Changes to Athlete’s Competition Level

If an athlete’s competition level changes to International level he/she may ask the WCF to recognise their pre-existing National TUE.

WCF Events for TUEs

The list of 2016-2017 WCF Events for which a TUE granted by the WCF is required can be found:http://worldcurling.org/TUEsand attached to this email.

Further information including the TUE Application Form and TUE Process can be found on the WCF website:   http://worldcurling.org/TUEs

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