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Hvidovre Mixed Doubles

24 SEP 2020 09:04
Hvidovre Curling Club would like to invite you to our open mixed doubles tournament, which takes place 5-7 February 2021
  • Uppdaterad: 24 SEP 2020 09:04

Nordic Tour

We are part of Nordic Tour and World Curling Tour – look here for further details: https://www.nordicmd.com/ + http://www.worldcurl.com/

Number of teams: Max 24 teams

Last date of entry: 5 January 2021 to Gert Larsen at: This is a mailto link

Entry fee: Please transfer the entry fee of EUR 150 / DKK 1,125 latest by 29 January 2021 to this account:

 A/C 5025 1433186

Benificiary: Hvidovre Curling Club c/o Martin Høgh
IBAN: DK2650250001433186
Dinner: The entry fee will include a dinner Saturday Night in Curlers’ Lounge (for two persons, coaches/guest can buy at DKK 150)

System of play: All teams play 4 preliminary games. Final games will depend on number of teams in the tournament.

 First game will be Friday noon/afternoon – depending on number of teams. We will send an e-mail as soon as possible giving the time for your first game. Program will be available before the tournament begins.

Prizes: Prizes for the best 4 teams.

Prizes for a total of EUR 2,000 (if minimum 16 teams are signed up for the tournament)

Organising Committee:

Gert Larsen (This is a mailto link) and Martin Høgh (This is a mailto link)


Hostel: Belægningen (http://www.belaegningen.dk/) or

We look forward to welcoming you in Hvidovre!

Best regards

Gert: +45 23 24 52 82

Martin: +45 28 89 07 60
Theis: +45 24 26 02 52
Henrik: +45 28 11 22 97
Lillian: +45 30 70 98 23




Skribent: Sara Carlsson
Epost: This is a mailto link

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