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Hvidovre Cup, 6-8 January 2023.

Dear Curlers! We are hereby pleased to invite you to Hvidovre Cup 2023 which will take place in Hvidovre, Denmark, 6-8 January 2023.

Number of teams:

Up to 24 teams – any constellation is possible!

Deadline: Please send your registration to: This is a mailto link

latest by 16 December 2022

Entry fee:

DKK 2,000 / EUR 300 – to be transferred latest on 16 December 2022 amount to the following account:

A/C 5025 1433186
Benificiary: Hvidovre Curling Club c/o Martin Høgh
IBAN: DK2650250001433186

The entry fee includes open sandwiches on Friday evening, buffet dinner Saturday evening and breakfast buffet Saturday and Sunday morning (for up to 5 persons. The price for additional persons is DKK 100 for the open sandwiches and DKK 200 for the buffet dinner)

System of play:

3 preliminary games with final system of play to be decided depending on the final number of teams.

Time for each game is 90 minutes + 1 end after the signal (finish the end + play a final end)

Your first game will be Friday noon/afternoon (depending on the number of teams). We will advise you of the time for your first game by e-mail also confirming your entry in the tournament. The final program will be available at the beginning of the tournament.


There will be 3 preliminary games after which all teams will be ranked.

With minimum 16 teams the prizes will amount to a total of DKK 20,000.

Organizing Committee:
Gert Larsen (
This is a mailto link) and Martin Høgh (This is a mailto link)

Hostel: Belægningen (
http://www.belaegningen.dk/) or Hotel Scandic (https://www.scandichotels.dk/hvidovre)

We look forward to welcoming you in Hvidovre !

Best regards

The Organizing Committee

Gert: +45 23 24 52 82
Martin: +45 28 89 07 60
Theis: +45 24 26 02 52
Henrik: +45 28 11 22 97
Lillian: +45 30 70 98 23